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BelOMO Agat 18K – Plastic Fantastic

The BelOMO Agat 18K is a bit of an oddity.  It is a camera that by all intents and purposes sells itself as a toy camera, but has functionality which even some “better” made cameras lack.  When you first pick it up is feels very light and is considered one of, if not, the lightest film cameras that use 35mm…

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Nikon Lite.Touch 140 Zoom ED AF

Nikon Lite.Touch 140 Zoom – A little bit of luxury

Everyone loves a little bit of luxury.  The finer things in life.  Not that surprising we then have a camera with gold trimmings like the Nikon Lite.Touch 140 Zoom ED AF.  A camera that gives the feeling you are using something with leather seats and a top class gold finish.  That is if you ignore the fact the camera body…

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Canon Sure Shot A1 – Summer Love

Summer means sunshine, longer days, heat, sun screen, swimming and fun.  During this time, a camera that can be used at the beach, the pool, on land and is not overly expensive or complicated is quite a wish list.  The Canon Sure Shot A1 aims to fulfil this, all the time maintaining quality in both the water and on land. …

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Olympus XA3 – Red cameras go faster

Everyone knows that red cars go faster.  Ok, they feel faster.  Does this translate to cameras?  It sort of does with this one, as the Olympus XA3 does meter for faster film than the camera it replaced, the XA2.  The argument does break apart though, as they did come in black, blue and white as well as red, but as…

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Olympus Trip 35 – The holiday camera

The people’s camera, compact, easy to shoot, always ready, fun!  Enter the Olympus Trip 35.  The camera designed and sold for the masses to take with them on holidays and travel, thus the name Trip.  So popular that it sold for 20 years and well into the millions, which can even be seen today on the second hand market.  Further…

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