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Pigeonflex – Bird of a feather

A camera to allow your photography to take flight?  To release your creativity free as a bird? Probably enough bird puns for now.  So, was the Pigeonflex a camera to set the cat amongst the Pigeons? Ok that was one more. Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras are an interesting type of camera.  They have a history in street photography, especially…

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Agfa Jsolette 4.5 – When J is not a J

The Agfa Isolette range of cameras have a cult following.  That includes me as I own both Isolette and Jsolette labelled cameras.  The ability to shoot medium format, especially 6×6, with a camera that is small and at a stretch pocketable, is very enticing.  Throw in the fact that they look lovely, and you can understand the popularity.  I personally…

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Ensign Ful-Vue – Is it really the full view?

  When does a box camera not look like a box camera?  When it is the Ensign Ful-Vue from 1946.  Until then most were basically a box with a lens on the front.  There were a few variants, including box cameras that had better viewing lenses and looked more like Twin Lens Reflex cameras, but still generally had a box…

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